Procedure terms and conditions

  1. All applications and nominations shall be subject to the terms and conditions.
  2. Following the closing deadline for submitting an application, as communicated on the GIWA’s official website, the GIWA Committee will perform a pre-screening check to confirm that the candidates fulfil the entry eligibility criteria and qualify to participate in the awards procedure. The entry eligibility criteria are defined as follows: a) Greek or Greek-Cypriot origin or citizenship, b) above 18 years of age and c) a career with international aspect. Any applications that do not meet the entry eligibility criteria will be removed from the process. Those that do, will proceed to Phase 1 below.
  3. Phase 1: At least eight (8) applications per category will move to Phase 2. These applications will be pre-screened by an accredited auditor and rated by the two (2) Judges and should have obtained at least a rating of 50% by the judge panel. In the event of a tie, all candidates’ applications will pass to Phase 2.
  4. Phase 2: The Judges will be required to review the applications of the (10) finalist candidates that passed to the second phase. The assessment of the candidates will be based on a ranking system from one (1) to 10 (10) points whereas ten (10) points shall be given to the candidate whom the Judge considers as most suitable for the GIWA award.
  5. The public, acting as the third judge, through the public voting process will review the profile of the ten (10) finalist candidates per category and their voting will shape the final result, by influencing at a percentage 33 (1/3) the final outcome.Namely, based on the public voting results, one (1) to ten (10) points will be allocated per finalist per category depending on the number of the votes each has collected through the public voting process, whereas ten (10) points shall be given to the candidate with the majority of the votes whilst one ( 1) point to the candidate with the least votes per category as follows:
    Public Voting ranking1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10th
  6. The winning candidate per category will be the one who has collected the highest score. The final score will be shaped by the judges at a rate of 67% and the public voting at a rate of 33%.
    1st Judge1-10 points per candidate based on criteria (see item 7)67%
    2nd Judge1-10 points per candidate based on criteria (see item 7)
    Public1-10 points per candidate based on number of votes33%
    TotalPoints of 1st Judge +Points of 2nd Judge + points of Public100%
  7. The Judges’ decision will be based on the assessment of the CV, the motivation letter and/or any support material the candidates may be requested to submit to support their application. The Judges reserve the right to interview (either in the flesh and/or through skype) of the shortlisted candidates. The Judges in their assessment will have to justify why and how the finalist candidates meet the awarding criteria.
  8. The candidates be notified about the process of their application and the final outcome. Formal communication for every step of the procedure will be announced on the GIWA’s official website.
  9. The names of all candidates per category together with a summary bio will be published at least two weeks before the opening of the public voting period on GIWA’s official website. The public voting will last for a month and each voter is entitled to a single vote per category. Exact timeline and public voting procedure will be communicated through the GIWA official website.
  10. The announcement of the GIWA award winners will occur on the GIWA awards ceremony, which will be held on March, 2020 in London. The ceremony’s information will be communicated through GIWA’s official website.
  11. GIWA Committee reserves the right to review and revise these terms and conditions unilaterally through announcement on the GIWA official website.