All applications and nominations must be in English and shall be subject to the T&Cs.

    Phase 1 – Pre-screening of applications

    Following the closing deadline for submitting an application and/or a nomination application, as communicated on the GIWA’s official website, the GIWA Committee along with EY, the process auditor, will perform a pre-screening check to confirm that the candidates fulfil the entry eligibility criteria and meet the disclosed qualifications.
    The entry eligibility criteria are defined as follows:
    a) Candidates must be Greek or Greek-Cypriot origin or citizenship
    b) Candidates must be above 18 years of age and of registered female gender when submitting their application
    c) Candidates must have a career with an international aspect
    d) Candidates must submit information and data that is accurate and true
    e) Candidates must ensure that their application is not offensive and/or against the GIWA values
    Those who meet the eligibility criteria will move on to Phase 2.

    Phase 2 – Judging panel votes for the Shortlist of candidates.

    • The Judges will be appointed to review the applications of those who were pre-screened and approved to move to Phase 2.
    • Up to four Judges will be appointed per category.
    • In Phase 2, the assessment will be based on a ranking system from one (1) to five (5) points. In the event of a tie, all candidates’ applications will move to Phase 3.
    • The Judges’ decision will be based on the information submitted by the candidate on the application form
    • Five (5) points shall be given to the candidate whom the Judge considers as most suitable for the GIWA award.
    • Judges will shortlist up to ten (10) applications per category which will move to Phase 3.
    • Each Judge’s voting shall weight 25%, meaning that the panel of three Judges voting shall weight 75% of the final score with the remaining 25% allocated to Public Voting (see Phase 3).

    Phase 3 – Public Voting

    • The public, acting as the fourth and final judge, will shape the result, by influencing at a percentage 25% (1/4) the outcome. Through the public voting process, the public will review the profiles of the shortlisted candidates per category and they will be requested to vote one (1) candidate per category.
    • The voting process shall require casting a vote to at least a third (1/3) of the total categories.
    • The Shortlisted names and the replies to the application form questions (under the ‘Questions’ section) will be published on GIWA’s official website (no other personal or sensitive information will be shared with the public).
    • The public voting will last for a month.
    • Exact timeline and public voting procedure will be communicated through the GIWA official website and social media.

    Phase 4 – Announcement of Winners

    • The winning candidate per category will be the one who will collect the highest score. The final score will be shaped by the judges at a rate of 75% and the public voting at a rate of 25%.
      1st Judge1-5 points per candidate based on criteria (see Phase 2)25%
      2nd Judge1-5 points per candidate based on criteria (see Phase 2)25%
      3rd Judge1-5 points per candidate based on criteria (see Phase 2)25%
      PublicPoints proportional to the voting results (see Phase 3)25%
      TotalPoints of 1st Judge + Points of 2nd Judge + Points of 3rd Judge + Points of Public100%
    • The candidates be notified about the process of their application and the final outcome.
    • Formal communication for every step of the procedure will be announced on the GIWA’s official website.
    • The announcement of the GIWA award winners will occur on the GIWA awards ceremony.
    • The ceremony’s information will be communicated through GIWA’s official website.

    Further notes
    The Lifetime Achievement Award is excluded from the nomination, judging and public voting process and will be granted to a female professional selected by the GIWA committee.
    The GIWA Committee reserves the right to review and revise these terms and conditions unilaterally through relevant announcements on the GIWA official website.