Step up and celebrate female greatness | Judge Triantogiannis Lena expresses her views on GIWA

Triantogiannis Lena, GIWA’s judge in Social Science category is a worldwide CEO and board advisor who has trained over 1,000 senior executives and has a passion for discovering professionals’ full potential. She encourages everyone to join this Unique- Inspiring – Important celebration.

“Women around the world are stepping up, demonstrating a unique degree of female greatness. With their vision and ambition, these women are a beacon of light. 

They resonate that the sky really is the limit, that now is the time for change, the world is ripe and so are we. Our desire is for Greek women around the world, to inspire one another, to show their way to others and to celebrate with their friends and families.  

The Greek International Women awards is our way to recognize and honor brilliant Greek women who distinguish themselves. 

I am honored to be part of this meaningful initiative and together we can establish this as a point of reference for excellence created by Greek women. We need these Greek women role models to demonstrate to younger women that it is possible to be successful in all aspects of life. It is possible to have it all.

We have never had such a Greek women’s event or celebration covering the world. It’s about time we dare to do this. Greek women matter. Their contribution matters, we want to shed light and celebrate this. Join us in this celebration. It is ​unique. It is inspiring. It is important.”


We have the honor to feature such successful and talented individuals in our Judging committee and we thank Mrs. Triantogiannis for her notable contribution in executing GIWA’s Vision to recognize and celebrate Greek Women.

Get motivated by her inspiring views and spread the word to motivate Greek women to fulfil their professional dreams! The time has come, book your ticket today from: