Showcase amazing women | Judge Coutarelli Marina Lyda shares her views on GIWA

Coutarelli Marina Lyda GIWA’s judge in Sports category is the Founder of “Communication Lab” and the winner of multiple Greek and International Awards. She encourages every woman to be a part of this tremendously inspirational initiative and let their amazing achievements shine!

“I am truly honored to be part of this wonderful initiative the first Greek International Women’s Awards, I think it is tremendously inspirational that we are going to have a group of dynamic women among us and to celebrate their achievements. 

As a young woman, I think that it’s important for women worldwide. We tend to take a back seat, we tend to not want the limelight, but this is one of these situations where truly we need the limelight to show case amazing women across the world, amazing Greek women across the world, who have achieved extraordinary things. 

I was one of the lucky women, from Mrs. Vana, my first great teacher, to Hilary Clinton, where I interned during my University years, I was surrounded by these powerful amazing women, who encouraged me to honor my gender to chase my dreams, to commit to what I really wanted to do and I hope that as a judge and as this initiative progresses we will be able to do the same for women everywhere.”

It is a great honor to share our journey with such inspiring and notable individuals in our Judging committee and we thank Mrs. Coutarelli for her invaluable contribution and execution of GIWA’s Vision to recognize and celebrate Greek Women.

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