Promote gender Equality | Judge Anagnostopoulos Theo expresses his views on GIWA

GIWA’s judge in the category of Social Science, Anagnostopoulos Theo is a social entrepreneur and a public speaker himself. He is a firm believer in sharing and rewarding inspiring stories to motivate Greek women! Through his experience as a GIWA ‘s judge he encourages women to tell their amazing stories and inspire others!

“Any awards that highlight the equality of the two sexes are important. And the same applies for Greece. I am very honored to be one of the judges for the GIWA awards, because I am a social entrepreneur and in our work social values come first. And equality is one of the primary social values that we want to support. 

It is important to highlight the work of great women by giving them awards. The reason is that this can create case studies that will inspire other people and other women. For the same reason, it is important for those women to come out and tell their stories, to inspire others.  

One of the most influential woman in my life, has been my great grandmother, my Nona. She was the one to teach me about unconditional love and humility. My mother also gave me her dynamic character. However, a very inspiring person in my life has been Janie Goodall who I had the chance to meet earlier this year. Her work is completely overwhelming.”


We are honored to have such inspiring and noble figures in our Judging committee and we thank Mr. Anagnostopoulos for his invaluable contribution and execution of our Vision.


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