Honor the wings of Greatness! | Sofia Konstantopoulou is sharing her views on GIWA

Sofia Konstantopoulou, Chair and Founder of GIWA, she is its heart and soul. With more than 10 successful years in the Marketing and Business world she continues to put -women- in the center of her focus and support! Through GIWA she encourages every Greek Women to make her vision an action!

“Success used to have a different meaning. It used to be everything about money and power, but not anymore. The redefinition of success is to hear your own voice of God, is to believe in yourself, is to make your vision an action, otherwise it just remains a dream. It’s everything about becoming what you really want to become, overcoming your challenges and believe in your own little successes.

Become better and better. Be innovative, create a new idea, a project, invent a new talent.

And this is why we are here. This is why the Greek International Women Awards is here. To recognize, to empower, to celebrate and reward the Greek women’s professional achievements.

The Greek International Women Awards, offers the opportunity for the Greek professional women around the world to honor their wings of Greatness.”


GIWA is all about redefining success and it is our Journey towards recognizing, rewarding and celebrating the achievements and inspiring stories of Greek Women worldwide. Join us on this journey!

Let Mrs. Konstantopoulou- Papadopoulos’ words inspire and motivate you and spread them to every Greek woman worldwide! The time has come, book your ticket today from:  https://www.eventora.com/en/Events/greek-international-women-awar