Empowerment – Motivation – Inspiration, this is GIWA | Judge Tsavliris Andreas is sharing his views on GIWA

Tsavliris Andreas, GIWA’s judge in Shipping category is the Principal of “Tsavliris Group” and member of the executive board of the “Greek Shipping Co-operation Committee” in London. For Tsavliris Andreas what connects all 33 of GIWA’s judges is their common vision to reward the professional excellence of Greek Women and to encourage them to take advantage of their unstoppable power!

“Why GIWA? Because GIWA is an international endeavor which empowers Greek women, motivates them, inspires them and brings them all together. 

What I see from my part is that along with 33 other acclaimed judges we have a common vision, to reward the professional excellence.

I will support women’s Greatness because I strongly believe in Greece’s potential, I believe in its people, I believe in women and I believe in shipping women’s greatness. Women have become unstoppable globally and they prove it every day by closing deals or by becoming an example of great career paths in law, insurance, accounting, management and all other sectors of the industry. 

I therefore encourage all women in shipping to continue believing in themselves, maintain their position in waiting to get recognized and why not be rewarded for their achievement. Let’s all together make GIWA an institution for Greatness.”

It is our great pleasure to share our journey with such talented and inspiring individuals in our Judging committee and we would like to thank Mr. Tsavliris for his notable contribution in executing GIWA’s Vision.

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