Believe in yourself and you will succeed | Judge Panas Chrysanthos expresses his views on GIWA

Our judge in the category of Young Star Award, Panas Chrysanthos is the Founder and Owner of Panas Sophisticated Hospitality Group despite his young age. Through his participation in GIWA’s Judging committee he communicates his own message to every Greek woman worldwide, to believe in themselves and take advantage of their full potential.

“I am really proud to be a part of Greek International Women Awards. It is an institution and it is very important to encourage young people to make theirdream come true. As a judge in the category of the young star I am here to encourage young women to believe in their selves and in their ability to become better and better and succeed.”

It is our great honor to feature such talented and inspiring individuals in our Judging committee and we thank Mr. Panas for his invaluable contribution and execution of GIWA’s Vision to recognize and reward the achievements of Greek Women.

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