Reward today’s heroines! | Judge Daifas Irene expresses her views on GIWA

Daifas Irene, judge in Shipping category is the CEO of “Stavros Daifas Maritime Corporation” and the very first woman President of the “Piraeus Marine Club”.  Through GIWA she encourages Greek women to keep on fighting whatever difficulties to change the facts and become an inspiration to women everywhere!

“Swimming against the current women around the world have had to speak louder to get their voices heard. Our history has proven that Greek women have shown braveness leadership, heroism and inspiration  and it is a fact indeed that they continue to exhibit such values that have defined them for generations. 

Acting as a judge for the GIWA fills me with proudness and gratefulness as it gives me the opportunity to honor and reward today’s new heroines. What characterizes the magnificence of the modern woman is knowledge, dynamism, self-confidence and adaptability. She possesses the strength indeed in order to prove wrong any stereotypes. She marks her own professional and scientific paths, taking risks that require braveness and determination. She traces her own principals with prudence and multitasking, thus combining her role for advancement as she always does for her family. 

Every woman who has reached her goals and succeeded in her profession owes with humility but with absolute knowledge of her achievement to show her successful image so to inspire other women which may have the necessary qualifications but feel incriminated when fighting to achieve what they deserve equally and without prejudice. This image will eventually help them to continue believing in themselves and keep on fighting whatever difficulties, doubts or failures they might face along their way. I often meet women who change the facts, dare to stand up and confront, becoming an inspiration for others no matter the gender. 

Personally, heroine is every woman with dynamism, with goals and with as much passion and soul as is needed in order to succeed without betraying her values.”

We have the honor to share our journey with talented and inspiring figures in our Judging committee and we thank Mrs. Daifas for her invaluable contribution and execution of GIWA’s Vision to recognize and celebrate Greek Women.

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