2nd GIWA Awards: Extension of the submission deadline

An initiative whose purpose is to recognize and promote the professional achievements of Greek women around the world.

The Committee of the Greek International Women Awards (GIWA), has officially announced the extension of the submission deadline until November 25, 2020 through the online platform www.greekinternationalwomenawards.com. The results will be announced on April 6, 2021 and the Award Ceremony will take place online.

Taking into account the safety and health protocols in force for social events as well as the travel restrictions still in force due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the Committee members have decided to suspend the Ceremony with physical presence that was scheduled for Autumn 2020, setting as an absolute priority the safety and health of those who participate. They have decided in the contrary, to move forward with an online Award Ceremony, that is considered to be highly innovative by Greek standards.

In addition, the impressive number of candidates from all around the world proves that Greek women stand out worldwide for their skills and work and this is the most important reason why the GIWA Committee decided not to cancel the ceremony entirely. On the other hand, by extending the submission deadline they aim to give the opportunity to more Greek women to participate, share their stories and inspire others with their achievements.

The International Awards, which will be conducted for the second time, aim to recognise and award, distinguished Greek women in Greece and abroad for their achievements and actions in their professional fields.

Interested parties are invited to apply for the following categories, through the official website of the GIWA Awards:

Arts and Culture
Business and Entrepreneurship
Hospitality and Hospitality
Social Sciences
Social Responsibility
Young Star Award 18-23

The Awards Jury Committee consists of distinguished personalities in their respective fields, from Greece and abroad, that embody GIWA’s values: excellence, validity, respect, productivity, responsibility, transparency and ethics https://greekinternationalwomenawards.com/categories-and-judges/.

The candidate selection process for the GIWA Awards which is based on the principle of transparency, will be supervised and validated by EY, the official auditor of the Awards process. Additionally, the public will have the opportunity to participate through public voting on the official GIWA website.

The GIWA Powered by Aphrodite Hills which is supported by businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs is under the Auspices of the General Secretariat of Labour and social Affairs for the matters of gender equality and the Greek Embassy of Great Britain.

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