Categories & Judges


This category is open to entrants within the design arts who have challenged perceptions and conventional way of thinking. Candidates need to be creative pioneers across any aspects of design and judges will be looking for innovative, creative, engaging and forward thinking individuals, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of their craft through their work.
This category is open but not limited to: brilliant illustrators, interior designers, graphic designers, architects, UX designers, product designers etc.

Business and Finance

We will reward the individual who is acknowledged as a game changer in their respective industry, or as a female business leader who made businesses a success against specific KPIs. The judges will be looking for evidence of their efforts which should have brought transformation and significant growth to the business and/or their respective sector including examples of brave initiatives and calculated risk-taking with proven ROI.



The ideal candidate will show unique innovation and innovative thinking in their respective sector and will be able demonstrate how her business have benefited the industry. Candidates will be assessed for their entrepreneurial spirit and their vision to create a business that matches contemporary needs or has disrupted existing norms or has an impact in society and/or a successful case to present.



The category is open to female fashion professionals who are devoted to the business of making and/or selling clothes, jewelry and accessories. It encompasses the design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, retailing, advertising, and promotion of all types of apparel.


This category seeks to reward the individual whose work within the service and tourism industry (including lodging, hotel management, event planning, transportation, cruise lines etc.) has moved the business forward. The winner will be acknowledged as a game changer in their industry and judges will be seeking examples of exceptional customer-centric approach, serving the client as well as the organisation to the highest standard.



We are looking for brilliant female scientists from the following sectors:
STEM disciplines, natural sciences (mathematics, computer/IT, physics, chemistry, earth and environmental studies, biology etc.), engineering and technology (civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering etc.), medical and health sciences (basic medicine, clinical medicine, biotechnology, and life sciences), and also agricultural sciences (agriculture, forestry, animal science, agricultural biotechnology etc.). Judges will be looking for pioneers and innovative thinking in the relevant sector.


This award will be presented to the exceptional female professional, who can demonstrate excellence in the business of shipping and outstanding contribution to the industry. Candidates of various responsibilities within the industry, from ownership or management of ships to consulting, trading, brokerage and insurance, are welcome to enter this category.


Social Responsibility

Judges are looking for exceptional individuals who act for the benefit of society through their efforts. This includes balancing commercial activities with activities that benefit the society, promoting behaviours and actions that champion diversity and inclusion, the wellbeing of society and the environment and focus on improving the livelihood of all living organisms. This can take the form of charity organization, fundraisers and evidenced volunteering, social entrepreneurship, profit or not-for-profit activities, among others.

Social Science

This award recognises the individual that champions excellence and forward thinking in their field within the social sciences, including but not limited to: anthropology, business and management; economics; human geography; law; media studies; political science and international relations; psychology; social policy and sociology.


This category is aimed at seeking out the best female talent in sports. Entries are open to women, who produce, facilitate, promote, and organize sports-related activities, experiences and business enterprises. Such fields include among others, the athletes and sportswomen themselves but also, sports managers, producers of athletics gears, and organizers of tournaments.


The Arts

We’re looking for someone with a vision, a trail blazer that has made a significant difference in the arts, who possesses a unique and distinctive style and has moved the conversation forward. Here we refer to the arts including photography, motion pictures, television, radio, film, video, tape and sound recording, literature (including poetry, drama, and so on), the visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, etc.), the arts (sculpture, modeling), the decorative arts, the performing arts as well as music.

Young Star Award

This category celebrates emerging and outstanding talent at the beginning of their career who has demonstrated unique potential in their respective field.


Life Time Achievement

This category is not open for entries. The award will be presented during the GIWA 2020 award show honouring a distinguished woman with international influence and experience. This award will not follow the official procedure foreseen in terms and conditions.