Our Vision


Manifest, celebrate and inspire innovative, confident, dynamic and talented women all around the world to continue being brilliant, every day, in everything they do.

Our Team

Our Brand Identity

Our Emblematic GIWA Identity is Designed by Natassa Lianou & Ermis Chalvatzis

‘The Design of the GIWA Icon Identity and ‘The Rise’ Award Statuette are inspired by the ethereal yet dynamic nature of each and every woman. The concept and goal of our design is to create a fresh Icon, so distinct, so unique and feminine, able to highlight the passion of each and every woman for life, progress and success. The GIWA Icon and ‘The Rise’ Award, represent a contemporary symbol of the Wings, a timeless and powerful symbol of constant progress and triumph. Our vision for these emblematic designs, are to manifest and inspire the innovative, confident, balanced and dynamic side of each woman leading towards excellence and success, towards the Apex, towards your Rise!’

Natassa Lianou & Ermis Chalvatzis