A.    Candidates & Eligibility


  1. The Greek International Women Awards (the “GIWA”) aim to recognise the Greek women’s professional excellence in the fields of: Arts and Design, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Finance, Hospitality, Social Responsibility, Science, Social Science, Shipping, Sports, Young Star Award 18-23, Life Time Achievement and award those with the most outstanding performance on a national and international level.
  2. Women of Greek origination (including Greek Cypriot, Greek American, Greek Canadian, Greek British etc.)  above 18 years old with an element of international achievements and/or exposure in their portfolio and/or career are invited to submit their candidacy for the GIWA awards. Each candidate’s electronic application has to be submitted only once per year in English and should refer to a single (1) award category, via the GIWA’S website.
    Multiple applications by a single candidate in more than one categories will be excluded from the selection process. 
  3. The candidates through a motivation letter will be required to support their candidacy and justify how they met above mentioned eligible criteria and why the deserve the final election.
  4. By submitting their electronic application forms the applicants / nominees will be required to provide their consent to the publication of their name and a brief bio and the use of such material by GIWA for the award’s purposes and promotions. This is necessary as the all candidates will be subject to public voting (see term 13 below), so that the first (5) per category are shortlisted. Candidates who do not wish to consent for the publication of their profile (i.e. name, bio, photo, etc) will be excluded from the GIWA procedure.
  5. Applications to the GIWA awards can be made as follows:
    • Direct application by the interested candidate; and/or
    • Nomination of individuals by corporate, companies, associations, organizations, charities or any other legal entity and/or corporations; and/or
    • Nomination by the GIWA Committee.
  6. It shall be noted that candidates for the GIWA awards can only be physical person (individuals). Legal entities and/or corporations and/or organizations of any kind (with or without legal personality) do not qualify as candidates and such applications will not be processed.
  7. No application or nomination will be accepted for the Life Time Award category, as this is a special category which will be subject to a separate selection procedure.
  8. By entering the contest and submitting photographs & support material, participants grant GIWA a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to exploit the intellectual property as vested in such material and photographic work. Participants declare that they are the sole owner of the intellectual property rights of the submitted photo and support material and indemnify GIWA for any intellectual property claims regarding the submitted photo and/or support material.
  9. Participants accept that:
    • Participants may not use the contest for the expression of political or religious ideas, pornography, obscenity, vulgarity, hatred, bigotry, racism or gratuitous violence.
    • GIWA has the right to refuse any entry which contains material which is offensive, injurious, obscene, vindictive, indecent, immoral, aggressive, sexually oriented, racist, derisive, slanderous, discriminatory, or in any other way not in line with good taste and decency, or which GIWA deems in its sole discretion to be otherwise unacceptable.
    • Entries may not conflict with applicable law or regulations, or the rights of third parties.
    • Entries may not in any way harm GIWA.
    • Participants may not upload, or post, any material that contains software viruses or any other computer codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the use of any software or devices.
  10. GIWA retains the right to exclude participants from participating in the contest and to delete entries if these are not in line with these Terms and conditions or are otherwise in conflict with these terms and conditions. Accordingly, at any stage of the procedure the candidates may be requested to provide evidence to support the information contained in their application. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the procedure.

B.    Procedure terms and conditions


  1. All applications and nominations shall be subject to the terms and conditions.
  2. Following the closing deadline for submitting an application, as communicated annually on the GIWA’s official website, the GIWA Committee will perform a pre-screening check to confirm that the candidates fulfil the eligibility criteria. 
  3. The applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be placed for public voting. Following the completion of the public voting process, the five (5) shortlisted candidates per category, namely these five candidates per category that collected the majority of the public votes, will be placed for review and assessment before the category’s Judges.
  4. For every award category, a team of three (3) Judges, selected by the GIWA Committee, will decide the winner, among the five (5) shortlisted candidates, in the specific category. The Judges will be required to review the applications of the shortlisted candidates. The assessment of the candidates will be based on a ranking system from one (1) to five (5) points whereas five (5) points shall be given to the candidate whom the Judge considers as most suitable for the GIWA award. The winning candidate per category will be the one who has garnered most points.
  5. The Judges’ decision will be based on the assessment of the CV, the motivation letter and/or any support material the candidates may be requested to submit to support their application. The Judges reserve the right to interview (either in the flesh and/or through skype) of the shortlisted candidates. The Judges in their assessment will have to justify why and how the finalist candidates meet the awarding criteria. 
  6. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified about the process of their application and the final outcome. Formal communication for every step of the procedure will be announced on the GIWA’s official website.
  7. The names of all candidates per category together with a summary bio will be published at least two weeks before the opening of the public voting period on GIWA’s official website. The public voting will last for a month and each voter is entitled to a single vote per category. Exact timeline and public voting procedure will be communicated through the GIWA official website. 
  8. The announcement of the GIWA award winners will occur on the GIWA awards ceremony, which will be held on December 9th, 2017. The ceremony’s information will be communicated through GIWA’s official website.
  9. GIWA Committee reserves the right to review and revise these terms and conditions unilaterally through announcement on the GIWA official website.

C.    Conflict of interest

  1. The GIWA awards are aiming to reward women’s leadership and excellence in their field. For this reason, transparency and objectivity are paramount principles for the entire procedure. With this in mind the Organising Committee has established stringent rules of conflict of interest in order to safeguard the GIWA procedure. Therefore:
    • The GIWA committee, the GIWA employees / volunteers as well as their relatives are not allowed to submit an application for the GIWA awards 
    • The relatives of the Judges of the GIWA awards as well as individuals or companies that have direct relationship with them will not be considered for the GIWA awards. The Judges shall also declare immediately any potential conflict of interest they may have following the receipt of the candidates’ applications. In this case, the Organising Committee will record such conflict and will assign an alternate judge to assess the specific application.

      ​Please respect the awards scheme and the judges. Lobbying members of the judging panel is not allowed and the organisers reserve the right to disqualify any candidate nominated individually and/or by a company or an organisation if a complaint is received from a member of our panel.