Can I send my application by mail?

You cannot send your application by mail. Only online applications submitted through the website GIWA and received in the official format are accepted.

Will I receive a confirmation that my application has reached you?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation stating that the application has reached us. 
Should an error report appear during your submission, we suggest that you write to us directly to inquire. Your queries are answered within two days.

Can I submit my application in any other language than English?

English is the only language accepted as it is the international language of business. To take full advantage of the resources we have to offer, you must have a good command of both verbal and written English.

I have submitted my project but would like to add new information. How?

You can log back in and update your entry up until the entry deadline.

I was not selected. Why?

We do not disclose the motivations behind the selection of a candidate. The decision of the Jury is considered definitive and irrevocable. In some rare cases, upon request from our Judges, we may provide feedback to specific candidates.